As already mentioned, freelancers specialize in one specific area, therefore they may not be able to work on every piece of your project. As you plan to expand your project, you may need to hire new freelancers to focus on different pieces of your project. This makes your costs higher and communication becomes tough.

Finally, you realize you have a great project idea that requires development skills. But, getting started is not an easy job. Before you think about the product development process, there is an important question for which you should find your answer. The question is “Whom you should trust to bring your ideas to life?”.

Yes, finding the right development partner is the first, most important as well as the hardest part of the development. But there is no single answer to this question. Various factors affect your final choice. However, the decision you make now will influence your entire software development process and impact the future success of your project. Often people make a wrong decision in choosing their partners due to the lack of understanding of the pros and cons of each option.

  • A freelancer is an individual who possesses specific skills and specializes in a certain aspect of the project. A freelancer either works as an independent contractor or is self-employed. They are not committed to a particular employer on a long-term basis, and often have multiple clients at a time. Some freelancers will focus on an entire process, such as software development, while others will focus on a specific field, such as designing.

  • Most freelancers charge lower rates than software development agencies. This is because the freelancers usually work from home and do not have offices. Therefore, they are not obliged to cover overhead costs for benefits like medical insurance and need not worry about paying for the office space, office supplies, taxes, etc. On average, you might be able to save 20–30% on the cost of software development, if you hire freelancers.

  • Freelancers set up their own schedules and decide upon the workload. Based on the inspiration, they will be willing to work both day and night, or even weekends and holidays. They do not have rigid office life and rules and their working time is not limited to 8 hours a day.

    Is there an issue that needs to be resolved urgently outside of working hours? Freelancers will be available to get the job done for you as quickly as possible, as they work with much flexibility.

    They also respond to communication promptly. Such flexibility often results in faster project delivery and adaptability to the ever-changing requirement of your project..


    Freelancers fiddle with multiple clients and projects at the same time. This makes them suddenly disappear. Imagine, you are to launch your project on a specific date, and one day your freelancer doesn’t respond and become a phantom. To avoid such situations, always have a plan B.


    As already mentioned, freelancers specialize in one specific area, therefore they may not be able to work on every piece of your project. As you plan to expand your project, you may need to hire new freelancers to focus on different pieces of your project. This makes your costs higher and communication becomes tough.


    The main objective of a freelancer is to take as many projects as they can and deliver it on time. They are often worried about finishing a project, but least bothered about the quality of their delivery. This can create problems for you in the future if you plan to expand it further.


    When you hire a freelancer, you can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), but you’ll still have to consider the risks. Because you cannot monitor how the freelancer deals with confidential information and private data. It becomes a major drawback for industries and companies where confidentiality means a lot.


    The freelancer usually completes the project and does not provide further maintenance. So, in the future, if you get any issues, you will have to find other freelancers to fix the bugs and do the maintenance.

  • An agency provides you with a network of professionals or experts who are dedicated and passionate designers, developers, and others to meet your demands for broad expertise. The teams in the agency are a part of a large company and work under a single brand. They offer end-to-end services from consultation to maintenance and support.


    The most important advantage that agencies cover more ground is that they have a pre-built team, each specializing in different pieces of development. Unlike freelance developers, a development agency may have an expert in-house team and have the capability to deal with different types of projects of all sizes and complexity across different verticals. Thus, you do not look for additional people at different phases of development. The diverse team at an agency can consult with one another and find appropriate solutions collectively.


    A professional development agency can offer a whole cycle of services such as professional consulting, business idea estimating, business analysis, and business idea evaluation. This serves as a great plus for startups or young entrepreneurs who have money but don’t have the required knowledge and skills.


    When you decide to hire an agency, you just need to connect to the project manager and convey your idea. They’ll take care of the next step of the project. Agencies always have established schedules and workflows and you don’t have to monitor them constantly. If one developer is taking an off, they are immediately replaced by another one within the agency. Well-tuned workflows in agencies will help them meet deadlines.


    Development Agencies are operating legally, and therefore they offer greater stability and low risk. Agency is also more stable and you can always check the past performance of a company in an external database. Unlike freelancers, it cannot disappear unexpectedly as it is not a single person. It is more official and professional. Moreover, an agency will also take care of all the documents required to get started with your project as most of them have their in-house legal departments.


    Agencies focus on building long-term relationships with their clients. This means you can expect constant maintenance of the product, like bug fixes, updates, as well as adding new functionality if required. You can anytime get in touch with the team who developed your product and know them like the back of your hand.


Hiring Digital Techworks

Long-term cooperation

Dedicated team of developers

Confidential protocols

Ongoing support and maintenance

Suited for all business sizes and types

Focus on quality

Broad expertise

Hiring Freelancers

One-time cooperation

Single person handling multiple projects

Concerns regarding confidentiality

No ongoing support and maintenance

Suited for small projects

Focus on quantity

Specific Expertise